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The Multy 15.0 Pedal

Introducing a Multi-Effects Stompbox with Stereo Output

7 Reverbs, 4 Reverb combinations, and more!

This pedal provides 15 different effects and combinations of Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Echo, Flange, Tremolo, and Pitch-shifting.

Controls consist of 3 effects parameter controls, effect selector, and a dry/effects mix knob.
The dry/effects knob controls the left or main output. The right output has no mix knob.
The output is stereo, with the right output being above the left (main) output.

Powered via a standard stomp-box power jack, center-negative. Battery use is possible, but since the power drain is about 50mA, it is recommend that you use a stomp-box power supply.

The pedal is True-Bypass.

Effects list and control function table:

Functional Prototype: